Georg C. Brückmann is a software architect with over 14 years of experience working with cross-functional native mobile app and middleware teams.

I believe that in this world of constant change, flexibility and resiliency are the key to successful software architecture.

I am a system architect at 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE, responsible for the mobile apps and middleware used by both these and single-page web apps. Our brands reach more than 43 million active users worldwide.

I have worked in various team setups and with a wide range of technologies on many platforms. I mentor the teams I work with to build solutions quickly, but thoughtfully and with more than just the short-term perspective in mind. Together we build to ship and aim for solutions that serve the needs of our company under its strategy and fit in the technological landscape of the future.

As mentor and coach my goal is to leverage everybody’s individual strengths all the while growing their skill sets.


Other Interests & Diversions